About Us


Welcome! www.agricproducts.com.ng is an online platform that promotes and drives agricultural enterpreneurship. We facilitates exchange between Sellers and Buyers of Agricultural Products. Agric Products is growing a network of farmers, organizations, NGOs, financial institution, research institutes, private and public sector actors.

Our Vision

A vibrant economy driven by the agricultural industry.
Our Mission
• To create and facilitate the development and sales of value-added agricultural products and services.


Main Service Free shipping on oder over 600,000 Kg


• 3000+ unique website visitors every month. (www.agricproducts.com.ng)
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Problem worth solving:
Every farmer wants to sell his or her products as soon as possible. Every buyer wants to reduce cost and buy from a farmer close to his or her location.

Our solution:
An online Business to Business (B2B) platform designed mainly for "Farmers and Buyers", . This system is open to Farmers, Individuals, and Companies willing to trade (buy, sell) agricultural products.